Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much are the lessons?

    $120 for 8 sessions.

  2. How old do I need to be to take lessons?

    8 years old.

  3. Do you teach adults?

    Yes, anyone 8 and over.

  4. Is it all kids/adults?

    It's usually around 2/3 kids and 1/3 adults, though the mix varies

  5. Do I need my own equipment to take lessons?

    No, we supply all necessary equipment.

  6. How often are the lessons held?

    There is a course every season, usually beginning January (Winter), April (Spring), July (Summer), and September (Fall).

  7. What time are the lessons?

    Lessons are usually held in the early afternoon on Saturdays. In the Summer, they are usually on Thursday evenings.

  8. Can you tell me when the next course is scheduled?

    Signing up for our newsletter is the best way to hear when the course is scheduled. We also announce lessons on this website, and on twitter

  9. Is there a Summer Camp?


  10. How do you deal with lessons being cancelled?

    We provide eight lessons in a course. If weather, sickness, or arrangements with the leased location force us to cancel a lesson, the remaining lessons are all shifted a week ahead. Cancellation notices go out by email, website and twitter. Please check there for cancellation notices.

  11. I can/want to attend only three of the eight lessons. Can I get a discount?


  12. I missed the registration. Can I still attend?

    Generally, no. Some instructors will make an excpetion if there is only one lesson missed. Contact us if this is the case for you.

  13. Can I register beforehand/reserve a spot?

    Yes, most registrations are processed online. We encourage early registration, as demand is usually greater than the number of courses we can supply.

  14. Do you offer classes outside of the normal Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer schedule?

    Generally only by special arrangement with a group or organization. Contact us if you would like to discuss a proposal.

  15. What's better? Lessons or Membership?

    If you're already shooting competently and you have your own equipment in good condition, membership is better. If you don't have your equipment and haven't shot often, or not in a long while, the lessons are probably more suitable.

For more details, see our Lessons Page.

Archery Ranges

  1. Do I need my own equipment to use the ranges?


  2. Can non-members use the ranges?

    Only on practice evenings for drop-ins, and for a per-session fee. Guests of members under their supervision can arrange their own session date and time for the same fee.

  3. When can members use the outdoor range?

    Dawn to Dusk, as long as the ground is clear of ice and snow (Generally from April through November). Make sure you have the current lock combination before trying to use the range.

  4. Can I bring a friend/family member who isn't going to shoot?

    Yes. Non-shooters do not need to pay, but must sign a waiver. Waivers can be downloaded and printed up beforehand from the membership page. Please sign and bring one for every person attending.

  5. Can I bring a traditional/long/recurve/compound/cross bow?

    Yes, but please keep pace with other shooters in your round, and bring field points.

  6. Can I bring my own target?

    Paper targets, yes. Any other target, please discuss with us beforehand.

  7. Where is the outdoor range?

    Please see the Outdoor Range Map.

  8. Where is the indoor range?

    Please see the Indoor Range Map.

  9. Can I use the indoor range on a lesson day?

    No. Only persons registered for lessons may shoot during a lesson, with the instructor's permission.

  10. What kind of targets do you have on the 3D course?

    Field targets which can be have paper targets taped to them. Our 3D animal targets are only put on the course during competitions.

For more details, see our Ranges Page.


  1. Does an adult/junior/family membership go for a year from the day I signed up?

    Yes, membership is from the day you register to the same day the following year.

For more details, see our Membership Page.