Waivers & Membership Forms

Before engaging in any club activities, all fees must be paid up, and a waiver needs to be signed and given to an officer of the club or a supervising club member at the event. There are waivers for adults, waivers for the guardians of minors, and club membership forms. You will need at a minimum a club membership form and a signed waiver. These can be downloaded on this page.


Membership application forms for the KAC are available here for your convenience. In order to have your membership accepted, you will need to have a KAC membership form, a waiver, and submit membership fees in cash, check, or money order. We can only accept credit cards via paypal on the website. Printed forms are available and fees can also be processed at most indoor range practice sessions.

The Membership application is the same for everyone, but the waiver comes in two types, one for minor members and another for adults. If the member is seventeen years or younger in age, their parent or other legal guardian will need to sign the waiver in their stead.

Please be sure to completely fill out, sign and date both the KAC membership form and the appropriate waiver. Incomplete forms cannot be accepted.

Completed forms may be submitted with membership fees either in person at practice sessions or by mail to:

The Kingston Archery Club
1092 Princess St.
P.O. Box 35032 Kingston Centre
Kingston ON K7L 1H0

Note that if you wish to compete regionally, you should also consider applying for membership in the Ontario Archery Association. Please see their website for more details.