Volunteering Membership Hours

The objective of the volunteering membership is to encourage our members to share the work that is required in order to SUSTAIN our club as a safe, active and fun place to practice archery. Happiness would see 100 percent of our membership as volunteering members, all of whom were contributing, as a minimum, 12-hours of assistance to the club.

It’s up to you to volunteer in order to meet your volunteering membership requirements. We won’t chase you! If it’s not clear to you who is responsible to report the members involved in an activity and the hours, pass on your hours to Ralph Kennedy in person or by email.

Upcoming Activities and Events for Which the Club Needs Assistance

  • Opening up on Tues and Thurs Evenings = 1 hour per evening. We already have volunteers however if we need replacements we will let you know.
  • Organizing and running a Fun Shoot (Feb and Apr) = 4 hours.
  • Organizing and running a archery related seminar = 2 hours.
  • Assisting with the conduct of archery lessons = 1 hour per hour of volunteer assistance.
  • Door Prizes. We give out door prizes at our tournaments. It’s never too early to start collecting door prizes. One door prize = 1 hour. No we aren’t giving you an hour per T-Shirt or Ball Cap When in doubt, talk to Bob Sizer or Ralph Kennedy.
  • Outdoor Range Opening Day. This will probably occur on a Sat towards the end of Apr or early-May, depending on the weather. There will be lots of light to heavy work to be completed. This will be an opportunity to provide up to 4-6 hours of help.

The list indicated above represents the bulk of the activities and events that we anticipate over the next several months. If any additional ones pop-up, we’ll let you know by email.

If you have any special skills or ideas of how you could help to contribute to the club and provide hours towards your volunteering membership, please talk to a member of the club executive.

A record of volunteering membership hours will be maintained by the Club VP, Ralph Kennedy. Contact him at volunteering@kingstonarcheryclub.org