August 29 Field Archery Tournament Report

On 29 Aug 15 the Kingston Archery Club conducted it's first Field Archery tournament on our newly completed field archery course. While the turnout was predictably small, it drew archers from as far West as Hamilton and as far East as Ottawa. We received a lot of positive feedback on our outdoor range and the tournament. We also received some excellent constructive feedback from a number of very experienced field archers on small points that could improve our range.

We were very happy to see six of our own members participate in the tournament, five of whom where doing so for their very first time.

In addition to a very positive experience, the club was able to raise $425.00 which we plan to the Children's Aid Society of Ontario. We will do our best, if possible, to focus that donation to the Kingston area.

The winner of the recurve bow donated by Bronson and Bronson was Bryan Bruinsima and our own Bob Sizer won the coffee maker.

We'd like to say a special thanks to Barnaby Smith, Steve Donaldson, Mike Beneteau, Sue Richardson and Kathy Kennedy for their help in setting up and conducting the tournament.