Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities

The following is a list of upcoming club activities which we need assistance with.

Saturday, March 24th 7:30 am - 8:30 am.  Three volunteers are needed to help set-up for the Indoor Target Archery Tournament.  Set-up involves putting out the target butts, pinning up targets and a whole bunch of signs, taping the floors for firing positions, etc.  We'll need help with reception and handing out score cards. Meet at the front door of the church at 7:30 am.  Ricardo Lahaye is the tournament coordinator.  Volunteers will receive 2 hours credit for helping.

2018 Arrow Pen Project.  In 2017 our club made, and sold, 50 arrow pens. We were able to donate $250.00 to the Kingston Humane Society from the sale of these pens.  Arrow pens are made from sections of damaged arrows, donated components, and a pen cartridge. Constructing the pens, particularly fletching them, is great practice for fletching your own arrows.  We'll show you how to make the pens, and you can use the club’s equipment to work on your own.  For every FOUR pens that you construct you'll be credited with ONE volunteer hour.  Contact Ralph Kennedy for further details.

Saturday, April 21st or Saturday, April 28th 9 am to 1 pm - Outdoor Range Opening Day.  The outdoor range technically never closes.  A day in the Spring is chosen to clean it up, renew the target butts and put out some of our older 3D targets in the forest to shoot through to the fall.  There is a wide range of work such as painting (weather permitting), picking up branches, and setting out 3D targets.  This is a great opportunity for members to get to know the outdoor range while putting in volunteer hours.  Coffee, snacks and a BBQ lunch is provided.  

April 21st is the primary day with April 28th being the alternate in case of bad weather.  Contact Ralph Kennedy for further details.

Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd - Set-up and Conduct Club Spring 3D Archery Tournament.  On Sunday, June 3rd , our club is holding the Annual 3D tournament.  We'll need help setting up for the tournament on Saturday, June 2nd from 9am until about 1 pm.  Snacks and a BBQ lunch will be provided.  On Sunday, June 3rd we'll need help with the lunch running the BBQ and a canteen for the participants.

Note:  We realize that not everyone is available to help on weekends.  There is always work that needs to be done, particularly on the outdoor range.  Let us know when you are available, and if you have any particular skills or hobbies that may be of use to the club.  We'll do our best to ensure that we find meaningful ways by which you can contribute.