KAC Announces Summer Lessons

After some discussion in the club, we've decided to offer our usual Beginner's course starting this Summer (2013). We will be offering a series of eight lessons on Thursday evenings at 6:30PM starting July 4, and another on Saturday afternoons starting 1 PM on July 6, 2013.

The lessons will be held in the basement of St. Luke's Church on 236 Nelson St., just off Princess St. The basement is at the bottom of the stairs through the Main (left) entrance. The lessons are available to all archers of any skill level, from ages 8 and up. They will focus primarily on beginners, and cover the basics of archery skill and safety.

For those who have taken the original course with us, we also hope to begin offering an advanced course this Summer and/or Fall. This course is for people who already know the ten steps of archery, who may or may not have their own equipment, and who want to continue building their archery skills and begin shooting at longer ranges. Students who are interested in this course should contact us at info@kingstonarcheryclub.org to let us know you are interested. Your interest will decide whether the course will be offered.

For both kinds of course, all the necessary equipment will be provided (recurve bow, arrows, target, and protective gear). Please wear close-toed shoes and clothing without buttons/fastenings in locations where they might tangle with the bowstring (front, pockets, collar, etc).

Registration will begin 1/2 an hour before the first class on July 4 and July 6. The fee for the full course of eight lessons will remain at the same amount, $120.00 (cheque or cash only), as in previous years. You will need to register and sign a waiver of liability before beginning lessons. If you wish to provide your own equipment, please discuss it with the instructor beforehand.

NOTE: We are trialling online registration. Students who register online may pay by PayPal (credit cards accepted), and will be able to reserve a spot in the class.