Outdoor Range

The Kingston Archery Club (KAC) Outdoor Range is located at 2043 Battersea Road. The outdoor range is home to the following:

  • A practice 3D archery course consisting of 12-15 older 3D targets;
  • A 14-target IFAA Field Archery course displaying both field and hunter target faces; and
  • An area containing fixed target butts at distances of 20 to 50 yards.

In 2017 our club will be adding metric distance markers to the existing field archery course and stocking World Archery field archery target faces. This will enable our members and guests to practice field archery in accordance with World Archery (FITA) regulations.

Access and Availability

The KAC Outdoor Range is available all-year round from dawn to dusk for our members’ use. Members are provided with the combination for the gate to the range. Targets for the practice 3D-archery course are available from the end of April to the beginning of November each year. Fixed target butts in the Meadow and the field archery course in the Forest are available for use year round.


Archers must bring their own equipment to Club practice evenings on the outdoor range. Due to logistical issues, the club does not provide archery equipment for loan to visitors on the outdoor range.

All types of bows may be used including crossbows. Archers using crossbows are strongly encouraged to lube their bolts.

The Kingston Archery Club reserves the right to inspect any archery equipment brought onto the range and if necessary, restrict its use.

Club Practice Evenings

From early May until approximately the third week of September, weather permitting, the Kingston Archery Club holds its Club practice evenings on Thursday at the Outdoor Range. Thursday evenings are the one day of the week when non-members are encouraged to visit our club facilities and shoot for a $10.00 walk-in fee.

For first time visitors to the outdoor range, an orientation session is conducted between 6:30 and 6:45. Visitors must sign forms for insurance purposes, receive a briefing on safety regulations and the layout of the range as well as pay the appropriate fee. First time visitors to the range will not be accepted after 7 PM.

Guests on the Outdoor Range

Members of the Kingston Archery Club may bring up to TWO guests at a time to the outdoor range. Members wishing to bring more than TWO guests at a time to the range must check with a member of the Club Executive before doing so. All guests must abide by the outdoor range rules and regulations. All guests visiting the outdoor range for the first time must sign both a “Visitor” membership form and a waiver. Guests 13 years of age and older must pay a $10.00 walk-in fee. Payment is on an honour basis. Members bringing guests to the range should pay the appropriate fees to a member of the Club Executive at the earliest opportunity.

Distances – Yards versus Metres

Given the enormous influence exerted on the sport of archery by our neighbours to the South, it should not be surprising that the bulk of 3D and field archery tournaments conducted in our area use imperial measurements rather than metric. In order to allow our members to set-up their equipment and practice for those tournaments, our club has setup targets using yards. We will however be adding additional metric distance markers to the field archery course to allow members to practice field archery according to World Archery regulations.

Range Layout

The range consists of TWO distinct areas; the Meadow and the Forest.

The Meadow

The Meadow area is nestled between two small ponds full of cattails, a wide variety of birds and some very busy beavers. In the Meadow you will find:

  1. The Parking Area;
  2. The Range Sheds;
  3. Target Butts at 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards;
  4. A picnic area; and
  5. Primitive outdoor toilets.

The Forest

The Forest portion of the outdoor range begins at the small metal bridge and is where the practice 3D-archery course and the field archery course are located. It has TWO trails; referred to as the North and South Trails. Starting at and returning to the small metal bridge, the two trails are a total of 1.25 kilometres in length.

For the sake of safety, commencing in 2017, the practice 3D-archery targets will be co-located on the field archery target lanes. The field archery target lanes are marked with large numbers in black.

"Lubing Your Arrows"

You may hear members talking from time to time about “lubing” or lubricating their arrows. This refers to covering the 3-4 inches of the arrow closest to the point with a lubricant. Doing so makes it easier to pull arrows out of the dense foam from which the 3D and field archery targets are constructed. Commercial arrow lubricant can be purchased through local retailers however dish soap or even a bar of soap can be used to achieve the same effect for much less cost.

KAC Outdoor Range Safety Rules and Regulations

  1. Members of the Kingston Archery Club, their guests and visitors use the Outdoor Range and any other facility at their own risk.
  2. We are our own Safety Officer!!! Safety must take priority over fun on the range. Each of us is responsible to ensure our own safety on the range and to behave in a manner that does not pose a risk to other people using the range.
  3. The same safety rules that are followed on the indoor range are employed on the outdoor range. These include the following:
    • No arrows will be nocked on the firing line while anyone is forward of the firing line.
    • Nobody will move forward of the firing line until the range or target lane has been declared “Clear.”
  4. When searching for arrows behind the targets in the Meadow and the Forest, archers will leave another member of their party or a piece of equipment or clothing at the firing point in order to signal to other archers that they are downrange.
  5. When approaching the firing line or distance marker ensure that the target area and the area behind it are clear.
  6. Footwear. Wear sturdy footwear with good ankle support. The trail is a natural trail, not a groomed trail and it contains lots of lumps, bumps, roots etc. Expect to encounter muddy patches except during the very dry times of the season.
  7. Insects. Wear appropriate clothing and consider the use of insect repellant to help protect against black flies, mosquitoes and ticks. The Forest is home to the "Targetus Agitatus" mosquito which specializes in landing on delicate parts of your body just as you are about to release an arrow. As is appropriate any time you are out in the woods anywhere in this part of Ontario check yourself and guests for ticks after your activity is complete. This is particularly important if you have been bashing around in the bush looking for arrows.
  8. Trees and Branches. We do our best to ensure that there are no dead trees or branches hanging over a trail or target lane in a manner that creates a hazard. If you do notice a tree or large branch that you feel might be a hazard, please avoid the area yourself, inform other members using the range at the time and pass the info to the club by email at info@kingstonarcheryclub.org. Please provide the location of the problem based on number of the nearest target lane.

In Case of Emergency

Activating Fire and Emergency Medical Services. If you need to call 9-1-1, the address of the Outdoor Range is indicated on a small sign located on the Range Shed in the Meadow. Members using the range must provide their own communications.

First Aid Kits

A First Aid kit is located on the exterior of the Brown coloured Range Shed in the Meadow. A compact personal First Aid kit makes an excellent addition to an archer’s outdoor archery equipment.

Help US Maintain and Improve the Outdoor Range

  1. When possible lend a hand with tasks on the range.
  2. Keep the range clean by removing garbage and picking up litter.
  3. Move off to the side any loose branches that you may find underfoot on the trails and target lanes and that you feel might trip someone.
  4. If you notice any damage or potentially hazardous conditions, contact the club by email at info@kingstonarcheryclub.org.
  5. If you have ideas on how to improve the outdoor range, pass them on but also be prepared to help make them happen.

Enjoy our outdoor range!!! Outdoor archery is a great way to connect with nature while practicing the more challenging aspects of this great sport.