Information about the Kingston Archery Club

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much are the lessons?

    $120 for 8 sessions.

  2. How old do I need to be to take lessons?

    8 years old.

  3. Do you teach adults?

    Yes, anyone 8 and over.

  4. Is it all kids/adults?

    It's usually around 2/3 kids and 1/3 adults, though the mix varies

  5. Do I need my own equipment to take lessons?

    No, we supply all necessary equipment.

  6. How often are the lessons held?

    There is a course every season, usually beginning January (Winter), April (Spring), July (Summer), and September (Fall).

Kingston Archery Club Indoor Range

Photo of people at the targets

The Kingston Archery Club Indoor Range is located in the basement of St. Luke's Anglican Church, 236 Nelson St, Kingston. (see map).

The indoor range offers shooting for up to 10 archers at a time at distances just under 18 metres / 20 yards. The indoor range is equipped with Bulldog K9 target butts which provide sufficient stopping power for all bows including crossbows.

KAC Membership Information

There are several types of memberships, with different fees and conditions. Most memberships require voluntary service, usually in the maintenance of the ranges and in organizing club tournaments. Memberships are not effective until approved by an officer of the club, who will check that all fees have been paid, the proper waivers signed, and any preconditions have been fulfilled.